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Waitlist and Fees

Fee Breakdown 2023

Membership Invoice -   Payable to secure position 
Membership                                         $16.50
Portfolio Levy                                       $64.00
Maintenance Roster                            $300.00
Admin                                                    $19.50
Total                                                       $400.00

Term 1 -4  Invoice -  Due by the first day of each term 

Attendance Fees                                 $750.00

Building Fund                                       $20.00

Equipment Levy                                  $50.00

Total                                                       $820.00

Fees per attendance day                   $36.80

You will be reimbursed $300 for 20 hours of Participation or Maintenance Fees in Week 10 of Term 4 if rosters are all completed.​

If you have any questions about the fees or about a payment plan please contact our staff. 


Once you have filled out the form please email it to

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