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Our Philosophy 


Our kindergarten in partnership with children, parents, staff, committee, The Gowrie (QLD) and wider communities will provide excellence in early childhood education by nurturing the children’s potential and creating strong foundations for their future.



  • Adventurous play Is the highest form of investigation.

  • Children who are free to play become creators & explorers.

  • Taking risks in nature encourages children to make decisions and problem solve.

  • We build on play experiences by following the children’s imagination.



  • We build positive relationships between children, families, community, and the natural environment based on honesty, trust and respect.

  • We strive to utilise the culture, values, and beliefs of families & individuals within our kindy community.



  • We incorporate nature play to develop children’s mindfulness, connection to the natural world and the desire to care for the environment.

  • We value the natural environment and its ability to assist children in emotional regulation, creativity and being connected to their world.


  • We provide an accessible service that promotes & embeds inclusive practices to ensure each child is actively & consistently supported.

  • We appreciate the diversity of our communities, acknowledge their social & cultural identities which promotes security & belonging for all.

  • We advocate for diversity and acknowledge the rich heritage of the Byelee, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, and Taribelang Bunda people as the traditional owners of the land on which we play and learn.



  • We educate, support & nurture positive environmental attitudes

  • Guiding children to be proactive & effective contributors, for a healthier & more sustainable future.



The kindergarten years are an integral phase of children’s early childhood education. We acknowledge each child is a unique individual with their own pattern of development, personality, and potential. We recognise that children are active learners who seek to make sense of their natural world through play, exploration, investigation and problem solving using a variety of resources, ideas and understandings.




Children are capable and competent learners, arriving at kindergarten with a range of prior experiences, knowledge, interests and abilities. Children feel supported to explore and engage in the learning environment when they are listened to, their ideas valued and respected. Children learn best when they are happy and feel safe. Children learning is optimised when their positive self-concept, independence and risk taking is encouraged in an environment that values children’s rights.


Play is an authentic and effective method of teaching and learning for young children. Play allows children to become co-creators of a curriculum in which they are encouraged and supported to generate ideas, explore and engage in a caring, enriched and joyful environment. By encouraging open communication, the sharing of thoughts and understandings, and supporting a sense of belonging children develop an awareness of themselves as an important member of our kindergarten family.


Valuing and respecting the cultural, social, familial and individual backgrounds promote a sense of belonging for children and their families. We advocate for diversity and acknowledge the rich heritage of the Byelee, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, and Taribelang Bunda people as the traditional owners of the land on which we play and learn.


Early childhood presents the ideal opportunity to develop attitudes and practices that support the sustainability of our environment and provides our children with an awareness of responsible governance for the world in which we live.


Quality early childhood education provides opportunities for children to develop attitudes and skills for life-long learning thus empowering them to become significant and successful members of our community.

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